Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hello agaain! This is my beginning-of-thesis-holy-crap update. So I've decided that my thesis project is going to be (*drumroll please*)

Portraits of Extraterrestrial Monarchs (cue some punny wordplay on the word "monarch"..... spawnarch? mon-alien? Overlords? Underlords? weak, I know.)

Why that, you say? Well, I started out knowing I wanted to create characters and make embroidered/appliqued fiber portraits of them. So I was thinking of stories to do and I was not coming up with anything I was excited about. So, I thought about the things that I got excited about doing last semester and I thought about my Concepts II dolls project and my Character Design 70s Alien project. And, what better way to combine the two than to create stuffy, pretentious, (hopefully) humorous portraits of quasi-human-like alien creatures in ridiculous costumes ?

I am also secretly (or not-so-secretly) poking fun at the concept of Monarchy and the unbelievable amount of pomp and circumstance that goes into being king and/or queen (I also may or may not be obsessed by 17, 18, and 19th century costume). Many of the "planets" I came up with are also parodies of human economical systems and how flawed they are. Probably the most important thing is that my sense of humor is appeased and shows through, and I hope it shows in these drawings that I did when I was fooling around and conceptualizing:

this little dude is my absolute favorite ^

these are just some funny little doodles when I was researching costumes: 

That one on the left was the one that inspired my screen printing queen below! 


Helloooooo, it's been a while since the last art update. Well, I've been busy here doing this and that (everything) and I wanted to share my first screen print with y'all.

 This first print is called "What Goes Around." This is the first run:

and this is the second, infinitely more complicated run (the colors are a little off - the  yellow is not quite so overpowering in the physical one): 

But yeah. Screen printing is fun! 

this next thing is just the positive image that is going to be turned into my next screen print, but I kind of enjoyed it how it looks as ink on mylar: 

This image fits in with my thesis project, which I shall inform you on in a separate post when I have more concrete drawings to update you on.