About Me


My name is Mollie Little, and I am an Illustration major at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) graduating in spring 2012.

I am also concentrating in printmaking and dabbling occasionally in photography (admittedly amateur), which I will post from time to time. Click on the labels on the right, or on my pages to see different categories grouped together!

I originally hail from Pasadena, California!

I work in many media, but my favorites at the moment are graphite and digital coloring. I also like all kinds of print media including monoprinting, etching, drypoint, linoleum, etc.

My favorite color in the world is green (if you couldn't already tell :) ).

 I love many things, including but not limited to: coffee, vintage photography, beer, foods of most kinds (especially sushi!), sketching in pencil, lots and lots of sunshine, cats, mountains, driving, driving, driving in mountains, nature, trees, plants and hiking, most kinds of music, surfing the interwebs, exploring new places, victorian and classical architecture and fashion, costume jewelry, dumb comedies. The list will grow, I'm sure!

I have a tumblr where I post silly things and inspiration and things that I find fascinating (aka probably most of the things listed above): mollielittle.tumblr.com