Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Doll-like Contraptions.

So, these are not legit photos as I have not been able to procure a good camera and a good photographing space for these little guys, but here are some iphone photos that give you the basic gist of what I did for my Concepts II project. (For a the post with the first half of the project, click HERE.)

So. Here's this little thing - it's kind of a snail-like thing with crouching legs.

And when you unroll it, it magically becomes a giant phallus. Funny, that. 
It's blue thermal shirt material, pink flannel, green vinyl cutouts, and embroidery thread. There's armature wire inside, like the other ones.

This is a little butt-hips-pillow type thing. Some nice detail shots there. This one's pink flannel, blue silky stuff (not quite sure the exact name of the material as it was found), blue beaded strings, and embroidery thread. 

Here are some more detail shots of the snailthing - its little upside-down face, and a close-up of the leaf details. Those are vinyl cutouts hand-stitched on.

And lastly, here's the finished version of that guy you saw before - I added a hot orange ponytail. Ooh La- La. It makes it more creepy, if that was ever thought to be possible. 

All of the stuff was hand-beaded, even the strings. A true labor of looove. 

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