Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Photoze.

Was in the mood for posting some Photos today. These are all from summer '10

Mobil on Lake Avenue

Craft Fair in Downtown Los Angeles

My Parents Bedroom in Pasadena

Abrupt Freeway Intersection in Whittier Narrows

Langham Hotel in Pasadena (at ICON!)

Both these were taken with my little point-and-shoot in Los Angeles. 


These are two works-in-progress-almost-done for a 4-part assignment for character design!

The backstory behind this is: My characters are d-list demons of very minor crimes and irritating things.

So, this guy is the demon who possesses guys to act like "the situation" From the Jersey shore:

(ugh - Blogger killed my colors a little bit - but it's still basically the same!) 
(Also the Ab Window shirt exists!) 

This second guy is the demon that possesses people to watch porn in the public library (yes, this happens):

Yeaaaaa! To come are the free-music succubus (the demon that possesses people to illegally download music) and the demon that possesses people to double-dip and stick their fingers in food. (Yuck!) 

This class is my first real foray into real character design! 

These are all done in graphite then scanned into photoshop and colored.


Here's another assignment for Illustration Concepts II! The assignment was to redesign a book cover and trade sketches with another student, so you're bringing another student's rough to a finish.

The book I redesigned is called ROOM.

yey! It's a pencil drawing scanned and colored in photoshop. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Conshepts II

Heeeeere is my first Assignment for Concepts 2! The assignment was do do a cover and three spots for the article "The New Monogamy" in Psychotherapy Networker. 


Spot 1:

Spot 2:

These are drawn in pencil and colored digitally :)
I didn't include the third spot because it kind of needs to be re-done first. 

Figure Sculpture Dabbleage

Hello! First Update of Spring Semester :)

I've been taking a figure sculpture class - it's been really fun! It's been a while since I threw some clay around.

Here are some documentation photos!

Head :)

Full Figure! It looks disproportionate, which it might be, but the model was also pret-ty skinny. 
Fun fun times! Slapping clay around and building arm muscles. 

Here are some photos of me and Kitty Kat doing Litho in Dolphin :)

Litho Madness! Photos taken on my little trusty film camera. 
My hands will smell like gum arabic and lithotine FOREVAR.