Monday, November 15, 2010


Here are some projects from Illustration concepts:

This project was to redesign a cover for any band... So I chose the band Weather Report, and their album Black Market. This one's entirely photoshop. 

This one was just some silliness that I did after the constitution day lecture. It was a panel on gay marriage with Sharon Hayes, Dan Savage and Dr. Kendall Thomas. I think this piece pretty much sums up what I thought of the panel. 

This is an ad campaign for Converse. 'nuff said. Graphite and photoshop! 

These were illustrations (one cover, 2 spot) for an article on the NYTimes book review for the book "freedom" by Jonathan Franzen. This was the very first assignment of the year I did - don't judge me! This one's all graphite.

This one's a cover redesign for the game "Goldeneye." All photoshop! 

And lastly, this one was a cover for an article called "Is America Islamophobic?" 
graphite and watercolor, collaged in photoshop.

pheeeeeeeeew! lots of stuff! 

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