Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prints... of a different kind.

I have some prints in the Wilgus gallery show "delicate!" I love pretending to be a photographer!

ANYways, here is an online version:

These are pretty hard to look at, to be honest, and were even harder to edit. This diptych is from this past august, when my grandpa was dying, and I was unconsciously photographing the whole process (in the sense that I was taking a TON of pictures of everything, and wasn't thinking about why, but now I realize that it was to record this occasion so i'll never forget it). It was this long, drawn-out experience and I had never experienced anything quite like it - everyone was just hanging around my grandparents' house in this weird state of limbo. All of us were pretty delicate - I remember feeling fragile as glass - one little thing would set any of us on a crying jag at any given time, even if we thought we were being strong. Death is a strange thing. 

Anyways. That's that.

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