Monday, February 28, 2011


These are two works-in-progress-almost-done for a 4-part assignment for character design!

The backstory behind this is: My characters are d-list demons of very minor crimes and irritating things.

So, this guy is the demon who possesses guys to act like "the situation" From the Jersey shore:

(ugh - Blogger killed my colors a little bit - but it's still basically the same!) 
(Also the Ab Window shirt exists!) 

This second guy is the demon that possesses people to watch porn in the public library (yes, this happens):

Yeaaaaa! To come are the free-music succubus (the demon that possesses people to illegally download music) and the demon that possesses people to double-dip and stick their fingers in food. (Yuck!) 

This class is my first real foray into real character design! 

These are all done in graphite then scanned into photoshop and colored.

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