Friday, December 25, 2009

Haaaaamleettttttttt... Iiii ammm yourrrr fatherrrrrr's ghoooooostttt...

Here is my project from Inking earlier this semester! The project was do to a poster for the movie Hamlet with the theme "robots." I, of course, forced myself to watch the (incredibly long and painful) Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet. Branagh's idea of acting is looking tragic and yelling in anguish a lot, so Hamlet was perfect for him!

So.. It's pretty self-evident. The quote is "Something is rusting in the state of Denmark."

pretty funny huh? (oy vey)

ALSO! While I'm here... I'm going to have to do a shameless plug.
Take some time and visit the blog of the talented and lovely photographer Elle Perez! :)

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