Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Character Designs

These are a series of characters that are basically our generation 50-60 years in the future, as big kids that never really grew up/out of things that were trendy in their '20s. They meet in an online chatroom and decide to go on a cross-country motorhome trip while they're still relatively healthy. So, without further ado:

Kyle O'Connor : Kandi Kid raver. Lives with his boyfriend Trent in rural Connecticut. Likes to get together with friends and have old-school rave parties. 

Mariah West: Ex-hardcore porn star and current owner of a huge pornography and fetish equipment company. Lives with husband in New York City, has 5 kids, none of whom followed in her footsteps. 

Nicole Dominguez, "Nikki": Venezuelan immigrant working various retail jobs in Camden, NJ. An ex-juggalette and bodymodder - she covered most of her limbs with scarification "tribal" tattoos. 

Corey Hardis: Tattoo-happy ex-straight edge kid living in Nashville, TN. Is now a bitter old alcoholic. His secret: Appears to be vain about his hair. But, in his youth he tried out the skinhead thing for a few years, got a skinhead tattoo on his head, and now is deathly afraid that he'll go bald and everyone will see it.