Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here is my project I've been working on for illustration concepts - they're modified doll forms - all patterned and sewed and hand-beaded and embroidered by yours truly! (with the enormous help of the lovely Matt Reading.)

She's lookin' at YOU! 

The latter image is actually the first one I made - I know it's kind of creepy, but that was the intention. These are just meant to be fun/silly/sometimes creepy toys for adults - like "uglydolls," but weirder and prettier at the same time. 

This one's flannel, pleather and glass beads. The first one pictured is flannel, (hand-pleated) silk organza and glass beads. They're both hand-embroidered as well. They're stuffed with poly-fill with armature wire inside the arms and legs to maintain the pose. 

They're buddies :) They don't really have names yet - it's tentatively Sally and Pat. Any suggestions for names?

Also - these are still works-in-progress so any comments or things I should add would be greatly appreciated.

More Characters!

This is another assignment for character design - we had to go somewhere and caricature people, then turn those people into characters.  So, I went to the Starbucks on charles st. These were the characters I got!

Girl with tiny shorts

Guy with beer belly

Guy with Blackberry

Guy with skinny jeans

Guy with big curly hair. 


This here is Susan. She has been popping up a lot in my assignments lately :) I think she's kind of cute - everyone else seems to think that she's really creepy. Oh well!

For this assignment, we had to come up with a character and draw the bones and musculature.

I think of her as one of those humans from Wall-E, just instead of fat she's all muscle and has also evolved with a very long neck :)

New figure sculpture stuff!

This is a bas-relief we did :)

This is a two-week portrait.